Infographic: Could the World Be 100 Percent Solar?

Thomas Schueneman

What is the global potential of solar energy? -

Perhaps the only thing more unrealistic than the idea of a modern world powered 100 percent on solar energy is the idea that extracting every last bit of fossil energy is sustainable, good for the long-term economy or a habitable planet.

A field of solar energy collectors at sunset

Building a new energy economy is fraught with many challenges. Many of them are technical - but these challenges can be overcome. With each passing year solar energy gets cheaper. more efficient and more widespread. perhaps the most difficult challenge to overcome is not technical, but envisioning a new world.

I can't say if a modern, energy-intensive society could run 100 percent on solar (it doesn't have to anyway, other forms of renewable energy are available and growing as well).

What I can say is that a continued and accelerating reliance on fossil fuels and the determination to extract every last bit of it from the earth to power that world is how we can make 100 percent sure that one day it will end forever.

The following infographic outlines some key facts and figures about solar energy vs. fossil fuel.


Could The World Be 100% Solar? [Infographic] by the team at CashEuroNetUK, LLC

Image credit: Jason Drury, courtesy flickr


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