George Bush and the Environment, One Last Time

Thomas Schueneman

George Bush gave his final State of the Union Address last night.

State of the Union, State of the Earth

Okay, quiet down, he still has a year left.

Bush touched on several points concerning the environment and energy, to wit:

  • Pledging $2 billion over three years to an international “clean energy technology fund 
  • A commitment to work with other nations and the UN to come to a climate change agreement by 2009
  • A reduction of American dependence on oil
  • More investment in battery innovation and advanced fuels to power cars and trucks, and
  • Increased generation of electricity from “clean” coal, nuclear, solar, and wind energy 

Sounds good doesn't it? (except that part about “clean coal”)

Here’s some commentary and analysis you might find interesting:

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Environmental News Service – haven’t we heard this before?

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