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Supreme Court hears opening arguments in landmark climate-change case

30 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

Climate change made its Supreme debut yesterday, as the high court began considering whether the U.S. EPA must regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. Much of the opening session concerned whether the plaintiffs, including several green groups and a dozen states, had suffered enough harm to sue. Massachusetts ...

A chat with solar booster Travis Bradford

30 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

Within a few decades, solar photovoltaic technology will fundamentally change and eventually dominate our global energy portfolio. That's the chutzpah-tastic claim at the heart of Travis Bradford's new book "Solar Revolution". Solar's been the Next Big Thing for a while, so don't feel bad if you're skeptical. But Bradford's no ...

Easy efficiency steps could slash global power demand, report says

30 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

Thoreau said the preservation of the world was in wildness, but it might be in light bulbs. A new report says efficiency improvements could cut global energy-consumption increases by more than half over the next 15 years. From replacing bulbs and improving insulation to rejiggering government regulations, "the opportunities are ...

Besieged by natural-gas exploration, a Wyoming town draws the line

30 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

Growing up in sleepy Pinedale, Wyo., Brian Calvert never imagined he'd return some day to find a bustling burg driven by natural-gas drilling -- or that he'd take work in a gas field nearby. But times change, and Sublette County seemed headed for gas-fueled greatness. That is, until the feds ...

L.A. auto show sees Germans, GM committing to clean-tech cars

30 Nov 2006 at 11:11am

This week's Los Angeles Auto Show has set the car world abuzz. General Motors, plagued by its gas-guzzling reputation and notorious electric-car bungle, announced its commitment to creating a rechargeable plug-in hybrid, becoming the first automaker to do so. "The technological hurdles are real, but we believe they are also ...


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