Energy and Peak Oil: Richard Heinberg on Peak Oil and Our Energy Future in the 21st Century

Thomas Schueneman

A lecture presented by educator and author Richard Heinberg on energy and peak oil, and what it means for society in the 21st century. Heinberg is senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute in Sebastopol, California.

Lecturer, author, and educator Richard Heinberg has spoken and written about energy and peak oil for many years. Some of his books include The Party's Over, Peak Everything, and his latest book just released last June, Blackout. Heinberg is also a senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, a think tank devoted to helping "individuals and communities understand and respond to the environmental, societal, and economic crises created by our dependence on fossil fuels."

This series of videos are of a recent lecture from Heinberg. He provides a solid foundation for understanding the relationship of human endeavor and energy throughout history, focusing on the age of oil, peak oil in the United States (which happened in 1970), the coming global peak oil, and its consequences for the 21st century. Each video segment is about 10 minutes long, and well worth the time (the entire lecture is 50 minutes). Stick with it, despite the dire and urgent message delivered, there are possible solutions, which Heinberg discusses toward the end. With the enormous economic, energy, and environmental challenges we face comes unprecedented opportunity.


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