Debunking Monckton - Part Two: Correlations and Himalayan Glaciers; Quotes and Misquotes

Thomas Schueneman

We continue from our post last Friday featuring a video series from Potholer54(a.k.a. Peter Sinclair). The videos take on Lord Christopher Monckton's own unique brand of climate science misrepresentation. Like we said on Friday, don't take our word or Potholer's word for it. One interesting point from another video we recently featured came from climate scientist Andrew Dessler when he observed that the most uninformed people on climate science are the two extremes. For lack of better phrases, the extreme denialists and alarmists.

Call it the "Gore/Monckton" effect. Even if I tend toward Gore's view of global warming (after all, global warming is real is the name of this blog), I don't swallow everything Gore says whole. In fact, I'd much rather hear it from a scientist. That seems to me a reasonable approach for Monckton as well.

(Enviro News Wrap from Anders Hellum-Alexander will return next Monday)

Temperature/CO2 Correlations and Himalayan glaciers

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Quotes and misquotes

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