Debunking Monckton - Part One: Global Cooling and Melting; Climate Sensitivity

Thomas Schueneman

Lord Christopher Monckton is a self-described former science advisor to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and writer of peer-reviewed scientific papers. That his expertise is in literature and journalism may cast some doubt on his credibility is apparently of little concern to Monckton.

In this and our next post, we feature videos from Potholer54(a.k.a Peter Sinclair) debunking Lord Monckton's arguments and assertions. In the post we look at Monckton's take on global cooling and melting, and his mistaken analysis of climate sensitivity.

But don't take Potholer54's word for it. The videos are informative and potentially revealing, but what if someone wants to debunk the bebunker? The methods for researching the facts yourself are demonstrated, and Potholer encourages his audience to use them and come to their own conclusion.

On Monday we'll look at correlation of temperature and CO2, and examine some quotes that Monckton misquotes to serve his singular purpose. There's that credibility thing again.

Global cooling and melting:

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Climate sensitivity

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