An Oilman Talks Common Sense

Thomas Schueneman

An oilman talks common sense.

T Boone Pickens is, perhaps, the quintessential oilman. Every time I've heard him interviewed, he has struck me as someone that talks common sense. I don't always agree with what he says, but at least his arguments are reasoned and well-informed.

Is Global Warming Real? Yes, it is, he'll say. We're probably in a period of natural warming that is significantly accelerated by carbon emissions we've ploughed into the atmosphere the past century.

Fair enough. Understanding that our climate is complex and that a host of factors, many unseen to us now, play into the future trend of our climate is essential.

It is the lost soul that claims the only influence in our current and future climate are volcanoes, or the sun's temperature, and that the billions of tons of C02 released into the atmosphere by human activity - every year more than the last - have no influence at all that makes for a tortured and tiresome argument.

The short interview published in the Dallas Morning News is here.

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