The Daily PlanetWatch for Wednesday, July 24

Thomas Schueneman

Thinking about the latest environmental news headlines every afternoon from the Daily PlanetWatch
  • Weather so extreme, we've never before experienced it. Reporting in Anthropocene, Sarah DeWeerdt reports on research just published in the journal Nature Climate Change suggesting that with continued unchecked warming we may be in for new forms of extreme weather. 
  • Fighting America's battles in a warming world. A joint investigation between Inside Climate News and NBC reveal the military's growing struggle with health risks from heat. The foot soldier must not only avoid bullets, but dangers of extreme heat as well. 
  • Wheeler "decimates" EPA. Time flies. It's been a year since Scott Pruitt left his post in disgrace as EPA Administrator. If his replacement, Andrew Wheeler, hasn't followed in Pruitt's ethically-challenged footprint, he's done a fine job of furthering the Trump administrations aim to destroy the EPA from within. Read more about Wheeler's reign here. 

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