The Daily PlanetWatch for Wednesday, July 17


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  • Hot town, summer in the city. With warnings of extreme heat issued by the U.S. National Weather Service for extreme heat this weekend, Climate Inside News reports on a recent peer reviewed study and subsequent report showing that what we call "extreme heat" now will just be "summer in the city" (and the mountains, and the prairies) by mid-century.
  • Elephants and the ecosystem. It is an indictment of a dark corner of the human psych the places more value in killing an elephant than just leaving it alone. Among the multitude of reasons why leaving it alone is best is how they and other large herbivores are a key players in a healthy rainforest.
  • The climate of hunger. A UN report shows that in after years of progress global hunger and malnourishment statistics are now on decline. The key drivers are conflict, climate change, and economic shocks. Each impacts the other, highlighting the challenges faced in a warming world.

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