The Daily PlanetWatch for Monday, July 15

Thomas Schueneman

Thinking about the latest environmental news headlines every afternoon from the Daily PlanetWatch
  • Urban forest: Melbourne's bold plan. It can get very hot down under. Like much of the rest of the world, the southern continent is experiencing the impacts of climate change, with record heat, wildfire, and drought. But plans are afoot to tackle the challenge head on. Led by James, Fitzsimons of the Nature Conservancy, the city of Melbourne has laid out an ambition plan to have the world's most extensive urban forest by 2050.
  • Butterflies in decline. The results of a 20-year study, the most extensive research in North America, show that the abundance of butterflies in Ohio has decreased by 33 percent over the span of the study. The results mirror those of studies done in Europe and indicate the alarming decline of insect species across the globe.
  • No water to drink in Zimbabwe's capital city. Due to a years-long drought and high pollution levels, more than 2 million people in and around the capital city of Harare are without municipal drinking water.

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