The Daily PlanetWatch for Friday, July 26

Thomas Schueneman

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  • Fossil fuels: just say no. Sure, I know  that's a trite, even hypocritical, thing for me to say. Somebody has to say it. In a New York Times op-ed, Lee Wasserman suggests that while it is easy to see the color of Trump's environmental record as charcoal black, the momentum to hunt for fossil fuels hardly began with him. From Barack Obama to Jerry Brown to Justin Trudeau, climate initiatives lean mainly on demand. All three leaders encouraged fracking, pipelines, deepwater platforms, indeed nearly all the infrastructure needed to extract more coal, oil, and gas.

    If you're of the Trumpian mind, you don't care. Fair enough (even though you're wrong). For progressives waving their arms about reducing emissions and "doing something" about climate change, you can at least vote your values while grappling with the cognitive dissonance of it all. If a candidate for high office doesn't talk of policies leaving it in the ground, then she or he is not your candidate. Certainly such a position is a tough call for any politician to make. So much the better, then, as it is only a courageous leader capable of making it.

    The hardest step out of any addiction is the first step.  
  • Automakers to President Trump: "We'll deal with California, thanks." If there's one thing a business wants from government regulation, it's consistency. Seeking stability and firm targets, four automakers "rebuff" the Trump administration, signing a "climate deal" with California to slowly increase vehicle fuel efficiency. They know where the real powers is. 

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