The Daily PlanetWatch for Friday, July 19

Thomas Schueneman

Thinking about the latest environmental news headlines every afternoon from the Daily PlanetWatch
  • The Trump heatwave. Get ready America, there's a heatwave coming. Call it the Trump heatwave. It's only going to get worse.
  • Climate change and California wildfires. Many wonder if the recent rise in the number and intensity of wildfires in California are a sign of global warming. A recent report published by the Earth Institute show that, indeed, climate change is a significant factor in the number of wildfires through an ever-longer fire season. Research also suggests that a warming, drier climate can increase wildfire intensity up to 500 percent. Just raking the forest isn't going to cut it. 
  • In a healthy forest, diversity is good. A happy, resilient community relies on good neighbors. It's no different for forests. The Conversation, reports on research "teasing apart who wins and who loses when certain species are planted together, and how this changes under stressful conditions". The upshot is that, like all living things, diversity is crucial for long term survival. 

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