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Dark as Night

It wasn't that long ago that, with the ubiquitous illumination of nighttime of who many of us across the planet are accustomed, the fetid, cramped and dusty streets went truly dark at night. The night side of the planet was, well, dark as night.

Urban centers of community and commerce transformed each twilight into dangerous, hellish streets fit only for the drunkard, prostitute, or ne'er-do-well. 

We need light to protect us from the darkness. 

But we still need the darkness. The endless glare of light throws off the night and the circadian rhythms of the planet.

With artificial light by way of example, itt is our problem in a nutshell: finding the sustainable ground between nothing and too much. 

I live in the middle of a blob of light. I have no answers. Nonetheless, it is an interesting thought exercise to imagine living in a world without something we now take for granted. 

We can shriek and proselytize environmental our righteousness on our laptops or go to Monster Truck shows just to watch the fossil fuels belch into the arena.

Or, if not forgoing the urgency of thought and action, something in the middle that works.

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