News Summary and Opinion: A Cold and Snowy Global Warming Protest

Thomas Schueneman

Let's just get this part out of the way: Yes, the Eastern seaboard, including Washington DC, was being hit with a powerful winter storm, bringing March in with the proverbial lion, even as a reported two thousand demonstrators marched from the Capitol to the aging coal-fired Capitol Power Plant in hopes of bringing attention to the urgent need of climate change action from government leaders. Go figure - don't these people know that a snowy day, or winter, means that all this talk of global warming is just so much hot air? Apparently not.

All sarcasm aside, a report from Stacy Moford at summarizes the event, attended by some foremost luminaries in the cause, including James Hansen and Robert Kennedy Jr.

The protest focused attention on the 99-year-old Capitol plant, responsible for one-third of Congress' greenhouse gas emissions and the number one source of air pollution and emissions in DC. Last week, Democratic Congressional leaders sent a letter asking the Capitol architect to switch the plant to 100% natural gas by the end of the year.


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