News Break: The Love Fest Between the EPA and California Continues...

Thomas Schueneman

California State Attorney General Jerry Brown is filing suit against the Environmental Protection Agency, according to Planet Ark, an environmental news service of Reuters, for “wantonly” failing in its duty to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from ships, aircraft, and construction and agricultural equipment.

Brown announced the lawsuit today at a press conference in Long Beach, California. The filing marks the end of a 180–day waiting period required by the Clean Air Act, with the intention of forcing action from the EPA.

This lawsuit follows two earlier filings from California, in conjunction with other states, over car and truck emissions and ozone pollution. Attorney General Brown said other states will likely join this latest suit against the EPA as well.

Brown said of the filing today,

Because Bush's Environmental Protection Agency continues to wantonly ignore its duty to regulate pollution, California is forced to seek judicial action.”

EPA spokesman Jonathan Tyler characterized the lawsuit from California as “typical”.

Read the full release from Planet Ark.

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