News Break: Forged Letters - Ties to the Coal Industry?

Thomas Schueneman

The number of forged letters sent from Bonner & Associates to members of Congress grows to 12. Many call for an investigation into the extent of the fraud and the connection between the coal industry and Bonner & Associates.

The story of the forged letters I first wrote about last Friday on Red, Green, and (and linked to from here) continues to unfold.

A total of 12 letters have thus far been uncovered as forgeies, sent to 3 House Democrats, all purportedly from consituent community groups, and all urging to vote agasint the Waxman-Markey Amercian Clean Energy and Security Act (a.ka. "cap and trade").

The letters originated from "grassroots" lobbying firm Bonner & Associates, who was hired by a "advocacy contractor" Hawthorne Group, who was hired by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, an advocacy group for the coal industry.

Despite expressions of "outrage" by the ACCCE over the actions of its sub-contractor Bonner & Associates, and equal expressions of disapproval by Bonner & Associates over the actions of a "temporary employee" who is said to have worked for the firm for only seven days, many find the the actions of all involved suspect and their words just a shade hollow.

For the rest of the story, read my latest post on Red, Green, and Blue.


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