Inhofe's Little World on Display at COP15

Thomas Schueneman

As promised, Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma made a cameo appearance this morning in Copenhagen at the COP15 climate conference. His message, in the midst of intense negotiations now reaching a fever pitch, was to say that Congress will not pass any climate legislation nor agree to an international treaty, and that in America only "Hollywood elites" care about climate change.

James Inhofe message at COP15 largely ignored

Farmers in the American midwest - from his own state - facing more severe and recurring floods? - Hollywood elites.

Ranchers and farmers in the American Southwest battling persistent drought? - Hollywood elites.

Fishermen in the American Northwest facing depleted fish stocks due to ocean warming and acidification? - Hollywood elites.

Entire villages in Alaska - the Great American North - disappearing due to melting permafrost and erosion? - Hollywood elites.

The list goes on.

Not only would the Senator forsake the humanity and right of survival of other nations, he would risk the security of the United States at risk as well - all while he campaign of charging elitism is funded in large part by the oil and gas industry.

After spending enough time here in Copenhagen to deliver his obstructionist message, he turned around and left. Perhaps the assemblage of people from all over the world - all faiths, all ideologies, all walks of life, all come together to make a better, sustainable future - in their own flawed, terribly human way - was more than he was really comfortable with. The world barely listened, and he was gone.

What a sad, tragic, little man James Inhofe is.


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