Fundraising - Help Us Curb Climate Change

Thomas Schueneman is asking for your support to help maintain our advocacy efforts with Global Warming, Climate Change, and Energy Policy. Fifty percent of our monthly proceeds is donated directly to the Natural Resource Defense Council. Just $1 is all it takes to help us reach our goal and support the efforts of one of the premier Environmental Action groups in the country.
Donating is easy and completely secure using the Amazon Honor System. It will take every one of us, at every level of participation - from governments, nations, and industry down to the individual – to get a handle on the challenge we face. Even $1 will help. Do it now!


I've been asked on several occasions by readers how to go about fundraising at the grass roots level. I am no expert in such matters, but I did do a little investigating where people might go to start educating themselves in methods of effective fundraising.

I've found an ebook written by a veteran fundraiser that could be a great place to start. For more information Click Here


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