Countdown to Copenhagen: Seal the Deal Campaign Helps Focus Public Pressure on World Leaders

Thomas Schueneman

The United Nations is sponsoring the "Seal the Deal" campaign to help focus public pressure on moving the political will of world leaders to bring about a positive outcome in the upcoming COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen this December.

Expectations are running high and anticipation grows with now less than 100 days left before the start of the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen this December.

Seal the Deal

To help galvanize the political will and public support needed to insure a positive outcome in Copenhagen, the United Nations is sponsoring the Seal the Deal campaign. Seal the Deal is a global petition drive aimed at bringing to bear public pressure on world leaders to forge a workable and effective treaty to replace and further the efforts of the Kyoto Protocol, which was adopted at the COP3 conference in 1997 and expires in 2012.

The task for negotiators at COP15 will be difficult at best, and there is growing concern that competing interests between developing and developed nations will be the big stumbling block hampering efforts toward a workable deal "beyond Kyoto."

Past meetings of the UNFCC this year in preparation of the summit this December have slogged through many details, but the conclusion of the last meeting in Bonn in August ended with a note of profound concern from UNFCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer.

The Seal the Deal campaign is symbolic - it carries no substantive weight for negotiators in Copenhagen. Yet symbolism is an important component of change. And it is change that we face. Our only question lay in our response to that change. A cogent message will help make clear to world leaders that failure to meet the challenge in Copenhagen is not an option.

You can help by signing the Seal the Deal petition.

The whole world is watching.


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