Countdown to Copenhagen: "At This Rate We Will Not Make It" - Bonn Meeting Ends in Frustration

Thomas Schueneman

A synopsis and video of a press conference from UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer at the conclusion of preliminary negotiations in Bonn as part of the run-up to the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen this December. Secretary de Boer sees progress too slow, jeopardizing a positive result in Copenhagen.

UNFCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer talked to the press today at the conclusion of "intersessional informal consultations" held this week in Bonn, Germany between several ad hoc working groups preparing for final negotiations of a post-Kyoto global treaty at the COP15 climate conference this December.

While saying that some "selective progress" had been made to "consolidate the huge texts on the table," he added that "at this rate, we will not make it." Secretary de Boer stressed the need for negotiations to "move much faster to deliver strong outcomes on areas such as adaptation, technology and building skills in developing nations," urging governments to "buckle down and concretely identify how to achieve this."

There is "increasing momentum at a high political level for a strong result in Copenhagen, including the G8 and Major Economies Forum," de Boer said, but a "a concerted response to climate change was essential to meet the concerns of developing countries."

In the somewhat gloomy atmosphere surrounding the end of the meeting this week, de Boer stressed the urgency of the task at hand saying, "a climate deal in Copenhagen this year isan unequivocal requirement to stop climate change from slipping out of control.”

For more on the developments and potential roadblocks to progress discussed at the meeting this week, see Andrew's post from earlier today.


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