COP15 Boycotts Sarah Palin - Fox News Still Can't Count - Climate Change Still Exists

Thomas Schueneman

Shortly after I arrived on the ground here in Copenhagen, I heard reports from back home that erstwhile vice-presidential candidate and early-retiring Alaska governor Sarah Palin was urging president Barack Obama to "boycott" the COP15 climate talks in the wake of stolen emails from climate scientists and East Anglia University and the apparently heavily-funded and obviously conveniently timed effort to characterize the content of those emails as "proof" that the entire body of climate science is suspect.

COP15 - the whole world is watching

The call for Obama's boycott of the talks came as news of a well-orchestrated international campaign to harass scientists and attempt to create a "scandal" came to light, pushing deep into Big Tobacco territory of sowing doubt and confusion. Confusion exemplified by Fox News when they purport a poll showing 120% of Americans believe that climate scientists fudge their data by... fudging their data.

Perhaps both Palin and Fox need a quick refresher in history. "Climategate" refers, of course, to Watergate, in which the real scandal was not what was found in the files, but by the fact they were stolen - and forces behind the illegal act.

The emails in question relate only to the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report, a process where 2500 scientists review, in two separate rounds, and synthesize all current peer-reviewed research into an overall assessment, placing all comments in the public domain. The trend suggested in the first through third reports remain consistent in the fourth. But more importantly, the trend in the real world - which cares little of anyone's email - continues to reveal increasingly rapid climate change.

Unable to legitimately refute the science and empirical evidence after years of repeated attempts, their hand is continually overplayed, leading to a manufactured "scandal" that will blow up in their face.

Sarah Palin thinks President Obama should boycott COP15? Too late.

COP15 - represented by a global community reflected in the numerous languages that fill the air as I write this (something that might make Palin a bit uneasy) - rejects the real scandal and the methods of those that promote it.

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