California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks at COP15 in Copenhagen

Thomas Schueneman

And so it begins. The big guns have started to arrive here in Copenhagen, and in a couple of hours the opening ceremony to the "high level portion" of the climate talks here in Copenhagen will take place in the main plenary hall.

Despite the importance placed here in Copenhagen on an international agreement - or at least the framework for that agreement - being reached by the end of the week, Arnold Schwarzenegger stressed in a speech this afternoon the importance of sub-national action on climate change - on innovators, entrepreneurs, activists, local governments, and individual citizens. "I believe in the iconoclast," said Schwarzenegger.

Introduced by UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer, the event also included remarks by governor José Sera of Sa? Paulo and Premier Gordon Campbell of British Columbia - all involved in climate change action at the sub-national level.


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