IPCC Chairman: ClimateGate a "Recreational Distraction" for Some - No Impact on COP15

Thomas Schueneman

At a press conference saturday afternoon, IPCC Chairman Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri made clear the "robustness" of the organization's process, reiterating the findings of it's Fourth Assessment Report, namely that warming is "unequivocal" and "very likely" caused by human activity - beyond naturally occurring climate variation which are also ongoing and was acknowledged at the briefing . Pachauri said the process has stood the "test of time," and when pressed with the inevitable question about the hacked East Anglia emails, Pachauri said that, while perhaps some (unnamed) countries may have attempted to "seize" upon then to "exaggerate" their significance, the episode has has no significant impact on the negotiating process at COP15.

Pachauri stressed that every comment to the process involves thousands of author teams, that every comment to the report is in the public domain, and all countries have concurred with the results.

But Dr. Pachauri and his colleagues can speak for themselves. Following is a video (in four parts) of the press conference .


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