CO2 Levels Reach New Peaks, No Sign of Dip Commensurate With Economic Slowdown

Thomas Schueneman

According to measurements taken by the Norwegian Polar Institute, levels of atmospheric carbon hit a new high last December of 392 parts-per-million (ppm), up 2-3 ppm from the same time last year. Many leading climate scientists, including NASA's James Hansen, have called for a reduction of CO2 concentration to 350 ppm as the only way to avoid the worst potential consequences of climate change.

Despite global economic slowdown, CO2 levels in the atmosphere continue to rise

The rise is in line with the long-term trend," said Kim Holmen, the research director at the Institute.

Holmen added that it is too early to tell whether the global economic slowdown would result in a reduction of CO2.

It's too early to make that call," he said, adding that any such change would be hard to detect.

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