Polar Bears and Climate Change: A Lot to Think About

Thomas Schueneman

After the research expedition I was participating in officially ended last week, I spend a couple extra days along with another team member helping Krista (a staff at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre) to wrap things up for our team.

Just as our team was leaving, Nick Lunn arrived to set up several weeks of polar bear research. Nick is a leading expert on Polar Bears, and his research is sought out by other scientists, governments, journalists, and policy-makers from around the world.

With our team mostly gone, CNSC was pretty much a ghost town for the last two days I was there. At dinner one night I had the good fortune of having a nearly two-hour discussion with Nick on polar bears, climate change, and environmental policy.

This added to my plethora of notes I collected during the my own research project assisting Dr. Kershaw's work (as described in earlier posts).

Next week, upon my final return home, I will start disseminating those notes and my thoughts on what I have learned these past few weeks.

Stay tuned.