Introducing CBO Contributing Editor: Karli Thomas


The ocean advocacy world has expanded considerably in the past decade, but even so, most of us know one another to some degree. One of the old chestnuts we kick around is "oceans don't divide us -- they connect us together." Some say it's an old saying from the Pacific; honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe it was Sylvia Earle. She said most of our best things first.

Anyhow, because the oceans are global, protecting them is something that by its very nature requires international cooperation. In this same spirit, Code Blue Ocean cannot be limited to the US in scope if we are to do our best work. Thankfully, we won't be.

Karli Thomas is a marine conservationist based in New Zealand (which explains her twitter handle, @savethefush). She grew up next to the ocean and throws herself in it or heads out to sea whenever she gets the chance. She's worked with Greenpeace, Forest and Bird, and the New Zealand Underwater Association, but these days does her own thing to "save the fush" in collaboration with various NGOs, foundations, organizations and good people.

I am very grateful to have Karli joining us here at CBO. She's been on the front lines of ocean conservation for nearly two decades, doing everything from hunting pirate fishing vessels to taking on multinational corporations. She has battle scars, bruises, and more than a few heads on the wall. We've been on some memorable adventures together and she's taught me many lessons (not the least of which being that she can utterly crush me in a kava circle.)  

Welcome to the team, fush saver.